One thing you can do right now to help you to protect your home

Firstly what you can’t do is to simple click your fingers an make crime go away. It will always be there.

As easy as this may seem and as simple as this may seem, this will really help you to protect your home from unwanted attention.

Among other points, this tip is focused on temptation. I want you to look at your home and think “am I tempting anyone to have a second look, or to look further, or to create intreige with a undesirable or desperate person”.

Go and stand out the front of your home and ask yourself, am I tempting anyone to come closer. Is it easy to get around the side of my house, do we always leave bikes out the front. Is the garage always open. How easy is it to just walk up to the front door and look in the front windows or see if the front door is locked.

This is a great tip for anyone and once you become aware that you can easily reduce temptation you are 1 step closer to having a more secure home.